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1. How do I get an estimate, can you give me a quick price?

ANSWER: For a rough quote you can call 1-877-Shine-88 / 877-744-6388 and we will give you a rough price over the phone. In order to provide you with an exact price call us to request an on-site estimate. We will schedule a convenient time for you so we can stop by to complete the estimate. You can also click the link on the left menu for an online rough quote.

2. What do you use to clean windows?

ANSWER: Most of the time we use professional grade Ungers Easy Glide concentrated glass cleaner. Ungers Easy Glide is a state-of-the art Biodegradable-USDA Approved liquid additive to water, designed for cleaning glass using a squeegee. Extensive field testing and customer feedback has proven that Ungers Easy Glide cleans visibly better with less wipe-up time. It was developed by professional chemists specifically for glass. Ungers Easy Glide contains a new detergent system allowing improved cleaning and degreasing of the glass. This is by far the best window cleaning solution on the market. But to be clear about this question. It is not what we use, but a combination of professional knowledge, technical skill and chemical makeup, that gives the final results. Leaving your windows sparkling clean for MONTHS!

5. What form of payment do you accept?

ANSWER: We accept: cash, check. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS.
All payment for services are "Due on Receipt", meaning we expect to paid at the completion of our service. Due to and increased amount of fraud, late payments or no payment at all. We no longer bill our clients.

6. How far out are you scheduling?

ANSWER: If you need your windows cleaned, it is best to call us now. We also offer same or next day RUSH service (when available and for a fee) TIME PERMITTING. We schedule home services all year long. Our residential window cleaning schedule starts February 1st of each year and runs till November 1st. On occasion we will take on some jobs during the winter months, but only when weather permits. Our schedule fills up quickly, it's best to call early. Commercial customers are cleaned year round. Feel free to call us during normal business hours (M to F 9 to 5 @ 1-877-Shine-88).

9. If I have any questions or concerns, how much time do I have to call after the completion of job?

ANSWER: If you have any questions please call us during our normal business hours 9 am to 5 pm. If you complaints with our service after the completion of a job we like to hear from you within 48 hours after job completion.

8. When do you clean windows?

ANSWER: We clean commercial windows year round, as long as the temperature is 40 °F or over. Our residential window cleaning schedule starts February 1st of each year and runs till November 1st. On occasion we will take on some jobs during the winter months, but only when weather permits. We do not perform any work when snow is present.

9. How often should I have my home windows cleaned?

ANSWER: Your windows should be cleaned at a minimum 2 times per year. Most of our customers schedule 1 cleaning, then once they see the sparkling time saving results, they schedule for a 2nd cleaning. (2) Yearly window cleanings are spread 6 months apart. But it really depends on the area you live in.

10. Where do you get your water?

ANSWER: We get our water from your house. In most cases that's 1 bucket per level of your home.

11. What does sealing do for my windows?

ANSWER: SCREEN CLEANER & SEALER is specially developed for cleaning and sealing vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum window and door screens.  SCREEN CLEANER & SEALER is safe and effective for vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum mesh, framing and mullions. Regular use will protect aluminum screens and frames to help prevent corrosion.  Special emollients will seal and restore natural resistance to vinyl and fiberglass screens and frames.

SCREEN CLEANER & SEALER may be applied to brand new screens prior to installation. Or to old screens which will enchance the appearance and durability of the existing soiled screens and frames.

Regular treatment will protect the fabric and frame against bird droppings, acid rain, general pollutants in the atmosphere, to include color fading caused by UV rays from the sun.

SCREEN CLEANER & SEALER provides home and building owners with a like new appearance while reducing window screen maintenance.

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