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New Jersey Power Washing:

What do you charge for power washing?

For homes, we charge $0.25 per sq ft and $50.00 per level starting at the 2nd level.
Here is a table for easy pricing.

Home Sq ft
Our Pricing @ $0.25 per sq ft
# of levels
Per level price
Price not including tax

For patios, decks and walkways, we charge $1.00 per sq ft

Here is a table for easy pricing.

Patio, Deck, Walkway, Drive Way Sq ft
Our Pricing @ $1.00 per sq ft not including tax
10 ft x 10 ft patio/deck = 100 sq ft
20 ft x 20 ft patio/deck = 200 sq ft
3 ft x 20 ft walkway = 60 sq ft
12 ft x 40 ft single car driveway = 480 sq ft


Why do I need to power wash my house when I can just spray it with my garden hose?

Power washing your house every year with a high-pressure water spray can not only keep it looking good but will also increase the life of your home. Power washing aluminum, steel, vinyl or wood siding removes grit, grim, dirt, mold, mildew and moss that grinds away the surface when it's agitated by wind or rain. Power washing is also a good way to prepare a house's surface for repainting, once the siding is clean you may find that you don't need to paint after all. If your house does need repainting, a thorough power washing removes dirt mildew, moss, peeling, flaking and chalking paint. This provides a clean surface for the paint to bond and adhere to your home. Resulting in a longer lasting, higher quality and better looking painting.

The problem with using a garden hose to clean the exterior of your home is you really don't get the same kind of force from just spraying water on your house. An average homes line pressure is 60 psi. In some cases it may be higher or lower, but either way it will not be as high or powerful as a pressure washer. Pressure washers can remove a small layer of concrete from a walkway. Do you think your garden hose can do that? Your garden hose will get off the loose bits of dirt and any other loose stuff. It won't however, be able to take off the dirt, mildew and moss that has been cemented on from years of harsh weather and neglect.

Believe it, your home can get real dirty over time. People try to spray down there home and it usually looks the same. They then have a professional come through and power wash there house before they paint it and the house really does look cleaner.

This is especially true if you live in an area with lots of loose pollen because the pollen will stick to your home. When you power wash your house you will see the water turn yellow almost. This is all of the pollen be washed away.

If the pollen is not taken off before you paint over it your new coat of paint will start to peel much quicker because of the pollen. The pollen will slowly dissolve and will leave cracks under the paint where just a little water will start to cause your paint to peel.

NJ Power Washing Process :

All work done by a 3000 PSI Cold Water Power Washer. Stubborn stains are scrubbed with a hard bristle brush and soap where needed. Stains that will not remove after our cleaning process will require a chemical cleaning process. We do not offer harsh chemical or hot water power washing services. We find in most instances our process will leave your home clean and free if stains. In the event we cannot remove a stain due to home owner neglect we will be happy to refer you to a company that specializes in graffiti and stain removal.