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How Clean is Clean?

This is an subjective term and can be argued for hours. What one person might consider clean, another person may not. Everyone has their own opinion as to "How clean is clean". Often thought of as a simple, unskilled job, window cleaning requires mastery of difficult techniques that sets the amateurs apart from the experts. A window cleaner lacking in experience or training can take considerably longer to complete a project and the work may be of a lower standard. Moreover, the use of proper window cleaning tools, i.e. squeegees, scrubbers and razors result in a far better overall clean than home methods such as rubbing windows with newspaper or a wet rag. Cleaning a pane of glass incorrectly can result in 'strokes or streak' marks visible in sunlight due to minute amounts of residue being left behind. Cleaning glass with a rag or newspaper will only move the dirt from one area to another and create a static charge, resulting in a dirty window time and time again. For some this is an acceptable result as they have never hired or witnessed the results produced by a trained professional. This level of cleaning is unacceptable to New Jersey Window Washing.
A typical window cleaning, done on a regular basis on an average sized home will take hours. The answer to the question "How clean is clean" depends on the frequency of cleaning, type of windows to be cleaned, and overall condition of the windows. Infrequency of cleanings and neglect will result in damage to the entire window structure, that no amount of chemical, tools, buffing or expert cleaning will be able to repair. Our technicians will judge each location differently and spend the amount of time required to provide the best possible cost effective solution to satisfy the needs of the customer. When talking about the condition of a window, New Jersey Window Washing considers all factors in it's estimates of a project. But most importantly price. In order to provide a cost effective, quality service to their customers, New Jersey Window Washings' technicians will clean the entire window area, frames, tracks, sills and glass surface within a standard company time frame. Usually 6 to 10 minutes per window, per side. Our technicians are instructed to remove as much of the debris as humanly possible. New Jersey Window Washing instructs all its technicians "Strive to make the glass invisible". Although this is a high standard, we will do the best that we can within the allotted time frame. If it were possible to leave every customers home with their windows looking brand new, we would.

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